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Aggie Basketball signs the best recruiting class in program history

Today is the start of the early signing period for high school seniors to sign their National Letter of Intent, and Aggie Hoops recruits jumped on board on Day 1.

Coach Kennedy this morning, probably.
Coach Kennedy this morning, probably.
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Texas A&M currently has the top ranked basketball recruiting class in the SEC. If that doesn't sound weird enough, the Aggies currently have the second ranked basketball recruiting class in the nation. For a program that has been stuck near the bottom half of the RPI rankings the last few seasons, Coach Kennedy has his program on  a level many fans certainly were not expecting. Admon Gilder, DJ Hogg, Tyler Davis, and Elijah Thomas make up the best recruiting class in the history of the Aggie Basketball program. It's okay, don't waste your time trying to debate that. It's crystal clear. Each of these kids has the potential to be a starter from day one of conference play in the 2015-2016 season.

As our friends over at TexAgs pointed out, many of the top programs in the nation were shunned by the Aggie Fab 4.

Heading in to a season where the Aggies are considered an NIT-bound team at best by many, the earthquake created by the staff on the recruiting trail have the Aggies nationally relevant on the hardwood for the first time in half a decade. The inroads made in AAU circles and in the Dallas/Fort Worth basketball scene (all 4 recruits are from the DFW area) will certainly have a lasting impact for the program. There's simply too much talent in the state of Texas for a program with the resources of Texas A&M to not be a top 50 program year in and year out. After three seasons that left fans scratching their heads and wondering who the next coach would be, Aggie Basketball could finally be heading in the direction many fans know it can reach.

Now to the signees. I mentioned the Fab 4 earlier, and that's because each of this year's signees will be significant contributors next season. Tyler Davis and Elijah Thomas are the kind of big men the Aggies have been missing since Joseph Jones left. Take that attitude and toughness of Jones that Aggie fans fell in love with and add next level post skills and vision to the mix. Elijah Thomas is the kind of post player that NBA fans from the late 80s and early 90s will instantly relate to. Thomas can play on either side of the rim, which is something you don't find often from young players with his size. Tyler Davis brings much of the same, with the added benefit of being able to stretch the floor out to 18 feet with highly efficient shooting. I'm already looking forward to some Twin Tower post passing between these two.

Admon Gilder is probably the best scoring guard in the state of Texas. The kid can score from anywhere on the court, and has no issue with creating his own scoring opportunities. That kind of skill set is something the Aggies have certainly been missing. DJ Hogg is going to be a star. I'll just put that out there now. I don't have any doubts that you'll see Hogg playing in the NBA in a few years. He's that good of a ball player. Aggies Hoops S&C coach will add some muscle to Hogg's frame, and he'll be on some NBA draft boards as early as next year. To be clear, all four of the 2015 signees are kids that I can easily see playing at the next level. When's the last time you've been able to say that about an Aggie Basketball recruiting class?

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