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Podcast #127 - Horsecollar Karma

What in the world happened on Saturday?

Kevin C. Cox

Yes, I am still laughing at Auburn fans that are crying on social media about the fumble that we stole from the bottom of a dogpile. You can have your one bad call, and we'll take the eleventy-billion missed holding calls against Myles Garrett. Have Auburn fans checked on their Left Tackle? I'm afraid he may have checked himself into the looney bin after having nightmares of Myles Garrett blowing by him over and over.

We talk about the good and the bad from the game on Saturday and ask some important questions. Has the lightbulb finally gone off that the young guys on defense are simply better and get more playing time, versus just talking about giving them more playing time? Does the big road win overshadow the move away from what was working into an offensive scheme that nearly cost the Aggies the game? Is this Aggie team we thought we had after the South Carolina game back, or should we wait until after the Mizzou game to answer that? How many DBs would you take in this recruiting class?

Spoiler alert: The answer to that last question is "All of them".