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Podcast #120 - Clanga Preview and Marooned in Aggieland

Check out our interview with Josh Perry, and hear the Bulldogs' perspective from Jake Wimberly.

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Tom Pennington


The 5-0 Aggies are heading to Starkville to take on the #12 Bulldogs, but first we have a giveaway to take care of. We had Josh Perry, author of Marooned in Aggieland: A Bumbling Brit Discovers College Football, Guns N' Waffles, on to catch up and get the latest from him. Josh got to hear the Top 5 contestants from the Fake British Accent contest, and he picked the grand prize only prize winner! Congratulations to BBQTU (at least I think that's what you said in the voicemail)! The contest portion of the podcast is at the beginning, so make sure you check it out to hear the top 5. Again, big thanks to everyone that sent in entries. Y'all are awesome, seriously. The book is disappearing from inventories quick, so head over to Amazon and grab a copy!

On to this week's game. Jake Wimberly from Maroon and White Nation, Rebel Sports Radio, and Bulldog Sports Radio joined us again this year as we take a look at the matchup against the Mississippi State Bulldogs. He's a straight shooter when it comes to the Bulldogs, and he's always good for some jabs towards Ole Miss. Check out what Jake is keeping an eye on in this week's game.

If you have good hazing ideas for Hunter on the next podcast to make up for missing this one, leave them in the comments section below.