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Munch Madness: Round 2 (North Region Voting, East Region Results)

We've arrived to the last region of our Munch Madness Round-of-32 with only one restaurant lower than a 5-seed advancing to the prestigious Scrumptious 16.

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Update: Click here to vote in the next round.

We see one huge upset out of the East region with top-seed Christopher's World Grille falling to Wings 'N More. Some of y'all warned me that Wings 'N More was about to go on a run. Now we'll turn our attention toward the North to round out the top 16 restaurants in Munch Madness. #11 Atami vs. #3 Mickey's Sliders looks the most intriguing from where I sit but we also have a nice seafood fight in the 4 vs. 5 spot. Remember to come back tomorrow to vote on both the South and East regions in our Scrumptious 16.

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East Region: Round 2 Results

Voting is optional for each matchup, so percentages will not equal 100%.

GBH East Rd2

North Region: Round 2

GBH Food Bracket Round 2 East

We're looking at some relatively new restaurants to Bryan College-Station in the North region. Some older Ags out there have probably never eaten at any of these spots. Will any restaurant from this region be able to take out the West winner? Let's get the good and bad from the Aggieland board.

1 Fargo's Pit BBQ (720 N Texas Ave)

The Good: The ribs were outstanding - as was the brisket. The beans and potato salad made me wish both came in gallon containers! - rc_cat

The Bad: It's too bad they don't have a $1.99 combo special like Sonic. T&P for those who cannot afford Fargo's world class barbecue. - acp46

8 Blue Baker (201 Dominik Dr)

The Good: Blue baker > Jimmy Johns in every respect that counts. - FlyRod

The Bad: I like breakfast at Blue Baker. Never been to a Waffle House - Vox Humana

5 Shipwreck Grill (206 E Villa Maria)

The Good: The Shipwreck is one of our favorite places. Lunch and dinner we have always liked it. Inexpensive and good fast service. - Straight Talk

The Bad: The so- called spicy buffalo crawfish were tiny and just plain ordinary , Popeyes Cajun crawfish are much better. The wife's order , blackened talipia was not well seasoned and also bland. - The Original Ag 76

4 Fish Daddy's (1611 University Dr E)

The Good: If you order onion rings at Fish Daddy's, be prepared to share. It's a stack on a plate at least a foot high. - rp71

The Bad: Pappadeaux's is confirmed on New Development list. T&P for Fish Daddy's - AGnCS

11 Atami Steak & Sushi (800 University Dr E Ste 200)

The Good: I love Atami! Great sushi and great hibachi dinners! +1 for the cowboy roll! - Bigderk21

The Bad: I used to go pretty often but the service was getting progressively worse. - CN

3 Mickey's Sliders (700 University Dr E)

The Good: Get the chili cheese fries and thank me later *not for people who enjoy cross fit - mazag08

The Bad: I didn't know it was possible to make a piece of chicken that tough and dry and the onion rings were sparse and greasy. They will not be there very long. - SumAggie

7 Chuy's (1512 Harvey Rd)

The Good: Chuys imho is the best fajita in town. - Orlando Ayala Cant Read

The Bad: I'm white and Chuys is beyond terrible food IMO. - LJF78

2 Grub Burger Bar (980 University Dr E Ste 400)

The Good: I FINALLY made it to Grub tonight, and it was amazing. Sad it took me so long. - PrincessButtercup

The Bad: I was underwhelmed with Grub. Not awful, but not great. - Fonzie Scheme

You've never agreed with the internet before, so why start now? Make your own decisions on who should advance in the North.

North Region Round 2 Voting

Update: Click here to vote in the next round.