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Munch Madness: Round 2 (East Region Voting, West Region Results)

The Round-of-32 continues with the East Region and some intriguing matchups including Rudy's vs. C&J. Settle in to our comments section and let's forge ahead to determine the best restaurant in Bryan-College Station.

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Update: Click here to vote in the next round.

The favorites march on in the West region. Let's tip our hats to Blackwater Draw, a feisty 13-seed who took out Cafe Eccell and ran a great campaign before falling to the Dixie Chicken. May your seeding be more favorable in 2016. Let's do brunch. The East region looks kind of crazy to me, so let's see what today brings.

Updated Bracket PDF

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West Region: Round 2 Results

Voting is optional for each matchup, so percentages will not equal 100%.

GBH Food bracket Round 2 West

East Region: Round 2

GBH Food Bracket Round 2 East

Ahhhh, the East presents us with some age-old questions. Christopher's or Wings 'N More? Veritas or Whataburger? The Republic or Ozona? Just what the hell is going on here? Okay, the BBQ showdown will keep us all grounded. First, let's see what the Aggieland board has to say...

1 Christopher's (5001 Booneville Rd)

The Good: Christopher's house filet is the best in town. I can duplicate pretty much any of the "big box"/Chain "steak houses" in town, on my grill at the house. Christopher's, not so much. - SAWgunner

The Bad: I've had more than a few bad meals at Christopher's. Christopher's is, however, the best place in town to get fawned and slobbered all over obsequiously, if that's your thing. - FlyRod

9 Wings 'N More (1511 University Dr E)

The Good: Wings 'n More. No doubt. I love it, family loves it, friends love it. My friends who are off at college miss it so much! From their amazing chicken tenders to their wings or ribs, that place is hard to beat! - WeasleyIsOurKing

The Bad: We just had Wings N More for lunch yesterday. We had the strange rectangular tenders as well. Felt like I was eating rubber...super disappointed. - AggieWife2008

5 Veritas (830 University Dr E)

The Good: Veritas. A truly nice restaurant with exceptional food. - MrsFlyingSquirrel95

The Bad: I love ceviche and I have not found it in this town period, except for an extremely inauthentic version Veritas serves (which is good...just not the real deal). - acp46

4 Whataburger (105 Dominik)

The Good: Whataburger is the best! - Kashchei

The Bad: I have seen Whataburger run out of fries - Aggie

6 Rudy's Bar-B-Q (504 Harvey Rd)

The Good: gotta be honest...Rudy's is #1 on my list - W

The Bad: I am as anti-chain and pro local as they come. Few things irk me as much as people who think Rudy's is the best BBQ in town... - DanHo2010

3 C&J Barbeque (4304 Harvey Rd)

The Good: Its hard to beat the lunch special ribs @ C&J on Friday! Making me hungry! - Culligan Water

The Bad: The wifey had catfish at C&J's on Hwy 30 last night. Waaaaaay too salty. Won't be doing that again. - Caladan

7 Ozona (520 Harvey Rd)

The Good: I'd recommend Ozona. It's affordable, tasty, and that porch is killer on a Spring morning. - marginal_boy

The Bad: I'll echo those that claim Ozona's has terrible food. It's true. - CDub06

2 The Republic (701 University Dr E Ste 406)

The Good: Everything in the Brazos Valley begins and ends with The Republic. Spend way too much money there but enjoy every minute of it. Never dreamed that CS would have a restaurant like this. Food, service, ambience, bar, drinks are out of the park. - gopitt

The Bad: Was at the Republic last night and, yes, the service, atmosphere, etc. is fine. But, for the third time in a row, I had a tough, overcooked steak. I'm a dumbass for ordering steak there. Look at the menu prices. These are not the prices for top-notch prime beef. - saray

These excerpts were not picked carefully at all, so please use your own experiences to inform your votes.

East Region Round 2 Voting

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