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Redshirt, Redheaded Sophomore Conner McQueen named Texas A&M's Starter

Fan favorite Conner McQueen is going to be seeing the field for the Aggies in 2014.

Walk-on Conner McQueen, better known as "Lightning McQueen" or "The Kyle Field Tomato" by his fans, has been named the starter for the 2014 Aggie Football team. McQueen should add stability to the Aggies, who enter the season with a lot of question marks following early departures from brunette Johnny Manziel and his entourage. McQueen, admired by fellow players for his skilled tweeting and long eyelashes, is ready to assume the role of campus celebrity as demonstrated in this exclusive interview with GBH:

GBH: Conner, we'd like to do a weekend piece about your being named the starter if you're up for that.

McQueen: Anything like this I'm pretty sure has to go through our SID Alan Cannon.

As you can see, McQueen's discipline is beyond reproach. Our analysts expect to see a "C", which also happens to be Conner's first initial, on his jersey very soon.

Following Friday's Aggie Football practice, McQueen finally opened up to the credentialed media and exuded confidence.

McQueen: "...of all the players in the competition, I'm talking so...I'm ready for whatever."

To celebrate the announcement that McQueen will start for the Aggies, the Yell Leaders are bringing back this popular yell from 1894:


If you'd like to see the full 2014 Aggie Football depth chart featuring McQueen as the starting holder, click here.

McQueen: I've been holding since I was on my 5th grade pee-wee team. I'm not gonna sit here and say I'm a natural holder, but it's just something I've been doing my entire life.

While McQueen is currently enjoying his media tour, true freshman Speedy Noil is quietly getting in reps. Stay tuned for further developments.