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Longhorns laugh at SEC Network's limited distribution: a retrospective

"comcast, directv, and time warner wont be following anytime soon, will be years!"

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The soothsayers at ShaggyBevo and other Longhorn message boards knew the SEC Network would be a bust. If you missed yesterday's DirecTV news, the network is now set to launch into 87+ million households on August 14.

While Tennessee, LSU, and Kentucky also enjoy their own 3rd tier media networks. Florida's deal effectively killed the plans for a SEC Network.

Good job of research aggy.

sec network looking at limited distribution

but each sec school still going to make Billions and Billions!


These guys might dig a HUGE hole that may take years and years to dig out of before they see any PROFIT, which they will then split in half, and then that half will be split 15 ways!

You made my day bro... lololololololololololol @ SEC media strategies... #fail

If Direct is willing to say "no" to the Dodgers in the Los Angeles market, they are willing to say "no" to a bunch of rednecks wanting such blockbuster content as the Vanderbilt-Temple match up, the Kentucky-Mississippi State collegiate spelling bee, "Redneck Kitchen" and "Pre-Game Mud Wallerin' with Cletus and Gomer."

So they are having the same distribution issues that LHN and everyone else had. Wow, what a surprise.

What DirecTv understands and what escapes the aggys is SECN isn't going to carry premium content. SECN is going to carry the dregs of SEC sports that no one in their right mind would willingly pay a premium price to watch.

If the only argument Mike Slive can make to entice me to pay a premium price for SECN is that TAMU is an SEC school, I am not impressed. DirecTV obviously understands the value for SECN in Texas is not compelling. Even if I concede the point for the sake of argument that aggy premier games are the number one draw in the state of Texas, the aggy (and SEC) minor sports are not the number one draw in Texas. They have no audience and do not reasonably command anything above a nominal price.

comcast, directv, and time warner wont be following anytime soon, will be years!

with all of their mergers and fcc hoops to jump thru, each has already stated they will not make any lineup changes until the mergers go thru, basically years

I don't see that content being worth that much outside of sec areas.

The argument of the people who claim to have knowledge of the SECN finances without ever having seen a contract is that aggy, a school with 400,000 alumni can deliver 8 million cable subscribers in Texas at $1.40/Mo or about $17/yr for Tier 3 programming from a bunch of second rate redneck out of state schools. That is roughly $135 million each and every year.

If the broadcast execs have truly found a way to make 400,000 aggy alums worth $135 million each year in cash flow, how is is they have only found a way to make OU and Texas combined worth $50 mil /yr in T3 revenues? (add the UT and OU T3 deals and assume a 50% payout to the schools as they are for SECN)

Even if we say that if aggy weren't in the SEC, the SECN would still be getting the $0.25 out of footprint rate for the Texas subscriber base, that still infers the 400,000 aggys are generating an incremental $110 mil per year in SECN revenues. If the broadcast big wigs can find a way to generate that money from aggy, why can't they generate the same numbers for OU and UT combined?

Do you really think aggy is worth double what OU and UT combined are worth, or do you think there is an overestimation for what SECN is getting paid per subscriber, at least in Texas?

$#@! the SEC Network and everything associated with those cheating $#@!s.

Once again, let me reiterate:
1. The LHN is badass in its current form
2. One school having its own badass network >> 14 schools sharing airtime on a single network
3. We all understand that a network dedicated to 14 schools will require more man power during its startup phase than a mature network that is dedicated to one school. That being said, re-read point #2

I dont quite know how to break it to you, but no one on this site really gives a $#@! about any SEC site. You guys keep coming over here, we don't go to SEC sites. If you haven't picked up on a non-aggy explanation as to why bother teams left the Big 12, it isn't because the story hasn't been told over here.

Texas has the largest revenue of any athletics program in the nation. Over here, we get that. Notwithstanding Clay Travis' claims that Miss St will soon eclipse Texas, we understand the business of college sports more than fans of most other programs.

Texas has the largest endowment of any public university in the nation. The SEC school in Texas is so inept, they aren't allowed to manage their own endowment. It is managed for them by the University of Texas Investment Management Company.

There may well be no SEC website with an equal number of posts attributed, because there is no SEC school with as much The University of Texas has an endowment larger than all SEC schools combined. We deal because that is what we are educated to do. A large number of us are educated to create value. That is why we talk Aggys build things that fall apart. UT grads manage businesses that endure. Hang around Texas for a while. It will be more obvious to you very quickly. Texans laugh at aggys. After all, their greatest tradition is a fu@king fairy tale, yet they believe it as if it is true. Texans respect UT grads.

They are not mad.