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GBH Interviewed Lamar who posted a billboard in Aggie territory

While the interview was awkward at times, we wanted to clear up some confusion on Facebook about Lamar.

Yesterday, I was driving between College Station and Navasota and was shocked to see a billboard for Lamar University on the side of Highway 6. Like any diligent internetter, I posted the photo to TwitterInstagram, and Facebook. Most people seemed to agree that Texas A&M should BTHO Lamar, but Facebook questioned the validity of the billboard:


I wanted to set the record straight, so this morning I called the phone number on the billboard to learn more about Lamar.

Audio link

CC: Hey, Lamar?

Lamar: Yes?

CC: Could you tell me where Lamar is located?

Lamar: [address redacted]

CC: What city are you in?

Lamar: Bryan

CC: Bryan, Texas?

Lamar: uh huh

CC: Ohhh, okay. I didn't even realize that. And how many folks do you expect to have in College Station on September 6th?

Lamar: Excuse me? [cc repeats question] What do you mean?

CC: Will you be in College Station this Fall?

Lamar: Yes

CC: Ok, how many people do you think you'll have there in September?

Lamar: As far as...

CC: Like, people from Lamar.

Lamar: Just one location?

CC: Uh, yes. Kyle Field.

Lamar: Who am I speaking to?

CC: Gary (I panicked).

Lamar: Ok Gary, who are you calling with?

CC: It's just me.

Lamar: Are you calling with another company?

CC: Like, not a company that makes money per se.

Lamar: [long pause] Ok.

CC: I am calling to find out more information about Lamar like whether you have a mascot.

Lamar: Ok, we do billboards.

CC: Ok, so it is "Billboard People" then? That is the mascot?

Lamar: Yes.

CC: And what are your colors?

Lamar: Green. What does that have to do with anything?

CC: I was gonna do some mockups and designs and would like to incorporate the correct colors.

Lamar: Ok, it's green.

CC: Do you guys have any yells or cheers or anything to get you motivated?

Lamar: No, we do not.

CC: Okay, pretty straightforward then. So who is your best player?

Lamar: As far as...

CC: Just ability and maybe buzz on the national scene.

Lamar: The Aggies

CC: [stunned silence] I'm sorry?

Lamar: Texas Aggies

CC: Texas Aggies.... that's... your best... player?

Lamar: Mmm hmm.

CC: Ok, I'm confused. So you'll actually be rooting for Texas A&M?

Lamar: Yes.

CC: Oh wow, that's interesting. Even on September 6th when Texas A&M plays Lamar?

Lamar: Of course we are.

CC: Don't you think maybe that's a conflict of interest for you?

Lamar: Why would it be?

CC: When the Aggies play Lamar?

Lamar: What does that have to do with anything? We are Aggie fans here and support our Aggies.

CC: But since you're Lamar don't you think people might be upset if you're backing Texas A&M?

Lamar: No.

CC: Ok. Will you personally be there on September 6th?

Lamar: Yes.

CC: And you'll be wearing green or maroon?

Lamar: Only maroon.

CC: Ok, so do you think it will be difficult to differentiate Lamar from Texas A&M?

Lamar: No, I don't.

CC: So who is your coach this year? I hadn't really heard of Lamar until yesterday.

Lamar: Ok, you do know you're calling Lamar Advertising and not Lamar University.

CC: In what way? Like advertising for Lamar or...

Lamar: What is the purpose of your call?

CC: I'm trying to find out more information about Lamar.

Lamar: [agitated] Ok, WHY?

CC: I'm trying to inform the people of the internet about Lamar.

Lamar: Ok, of?

CC: Well, most people hadn't heard of Lamar until yesterday.

Lamar: Ok, where did you hear about Lamar?

CC: On the internet... the tweeter.

Lamar: What about it?

CC: That's where I first heard about Lamar. And since September 6th is coming up quickly I just wanted to get a sense for what Lamar's all about.

Lamar: So are you not calling from Texas A&M University?

CC: No. No, I am not.

Lamar: Ok, where are you calling from?

CC: My apartment. Gary's apartment.

Lamar: [click]

As you can see, we're left with more questions than answers after the interview. I'd like to personally thank the worker at Lamar for speaking with me for over five minutes.