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The Many Faces of Kevin Sumlin (when brushing off media members)

With one look I can break your heart
With one look I play every part
I can make your sad heart sing
With one look you'll know all you need to know

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Q. What is it like not coaching Johnny Manziel? Do you miss him? Whoever your quarterback is, how confident are you he'll be a play‑maker for you?


Q. What are the early returns on defensive end Myles Garrett and how important is he to establishing a much needed pass‑rush?


Q. Ever since the party photos and whatnot have kind of emerged from Johnny, have you had a chance to visit him? If so, what have you shared with him and what advice have you given him? Also, how do you approach that with the young quarterbacks looking to replace him? Do you talk about off‑field behavior with the young guys?


Q. I wanted to ask you about the new SEC Network. What does that mean for recruiting and the program's profile?


Q. When you first came here, I think you had six questions the first year about how in the world this program would ever compete in the SEC. After that it was criticism inside of Texas that because you were playing in the SEC, you would somehow be hurt with in‑state recruiting in the state of Texas. Through every objective measurement you're dominating in the state of Texas. Similar to your last answer, have you found that kids have magically discovered the SEC in Texas?


Q. Can you talk about when you go into a season with a quarterback, then in the early games as lights are bright, the adjustments you have to make and what you find out about that quarterback as that goes along?


Q. You've been in the Texas corridor, the Big 12 at Oklahoma, Houston a long time, recruiting that area. Are you surprised to any extent at how quickly you've been able to gain a foothold as the number one recruiter in the Texas area over UT?


Q. Steve Spurrier was in earlier and he complimented you on your coaching record and skills, then he really complimented you on your salary negotiating skills. What thoughts do you have about matching up against him in the opening game?


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