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Recruiting is dumb; Von Miller’s socks are not

“When the lambs is lost in the mountain, he said. They is cry. Sometime come the mother. Sometime the wolf.”—Cormac McCarthy

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Punch a wall. Kick a rock. Fling an expensive electronic device, shattering it into hundreds of shapeless pieces. What happened? A death? A tragedy? A cruel injustice that rendered you helpless to protect yourself?

No, just one teenager and then another teenager happened to change their minds again about where they are going to play football. It will more than likely happen again, so perhaps it’s time to adjust accordingly. TRUE: losing a linebacker and offensive lineman hurts much more than losing a wide receiver. But it’s still six months until signing day and there’s a whole football season to be played in the meantime. If nothing else, please attempt to use the actual sport as a distraction from the recruiting saga if this gets you too down in the mouth.

But we’re here to tell you there’s another easy way to chase those unnecessary blues away and spice up your leg lives at the same time. Check out these new foot tubes from our favorite quirky Ag:

Read up on ‘em here, but the designs incorporate some of his favorite things:

Owls, Chickens, the Rocky Mountains and of course his college and pro team colors with a Texas Steer Head.

Those Rocky Mountain socks are straight beautiful. It’s like wearing an oil painting from the wall of an old Colorado interstate motel on your feet. For full effect, tuck one of those evergreen tree air fresheners into each leg, kick off your shoes at a staff meeting, and prop those dogs on the conference table, allowing all to marvel in the majestic scene. Instant transportation to an alpine lake and a promotion if you’re lucky.

Have a scenicTuesday.