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Daily Bull 8.8.16: A Light in August

The world’s longest month

Views Of Badwater Basin And Dante's View In Death Valley
the long dark night nears an end
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

There’s something about this month that gets us giddy. It also makes us sensitive to all stimuli. We smell the football a few weeks away and lose all control. Defense mechanisms trigger at the faintest sign of shade directed at our school and once-hesitant optimism becomes gaudy braggadocio. August is a low-grade narcotic that amplifies the best and the worst in us, and the only permanent fix is the most difficult: wait the goddamn thing out.

This will all be over in a matter of days, and a whole fresh wave of stimuli will confront us to fuel our passions in whatever guise they will choose. But for now, if the perpetual bombardment of lists, whys, whos, hotseats, predictions, camps, visits, challenges, and all buzzwords various and sundry have you crawling out of your skin, just tap out for a while. The Internet is not compulsory, and a small break to clear one’s head is extremely refreshing and comforting about this time of year. I recommend it.

reading Twitter in August

Or you could watch the Olympics. Something so completely different and somewhat rare can be a nice jolt in the graveyard of the college football calendar. cuppycup has your Aggie Olypmian Roundup from day one. There’s another race to keep an eye on tonight as well: Texas A&M’s Alia Atkinson of Jamaica will be swimming in the final of the women’s 100-meter breaststroke.

Have a fun Monday and BTHO those other swimmers, Alia!