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The Daily Bull welcomes you back to football

Happy Monday

Goodyear Cotton Bowl - Alabama v Michigan State Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

PPPPAAAAWWWWLLLLLLLLLŁ. You know it’s DEFCON FOOTBALL when the first DB link is to tell you that Finebaum is coming to College Station this Friday. He’ll be broadcasting live on the SEC Network so get your cowboy suits on and go say Howdy

KNOW THINE ENEMY. This is unfamiliar territory. The only PAC-12 foes we’ve faced recently were desert folk, not west coasters. Are they laid-back? Eccentric? Do they surf to work? Head on over to Bruins Nation to get the latest UCLA scoopz and find out what they’re sayin’ about us.

FOR THE READINGS. Y’all, August is an absolute beating of a month. It’s long, it’s hot, and every day there are countless articles clogging up the feed with the super-original "ONLY [PLAYER WEARING JERSEY #] DAYS LEFT TIL FOOTBALL". People launch vendettas over whether or not a team will finish 3rd or 4th in a division and gloat over the antics of high school quarterbacks. But every year at about this time Spencer Hall gives us a rare gift: a piece that’s loaded with perspective and cuts straight to the purity of college football. Here are the last five years’ worth while we wait for the 2016 edition: