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Daily Bull 7.27.16: Myles Garrett, Superfreak

The Aggie defensive end is pretty unique

Louisiana Monroe v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Today we’re celebrating freakiness, but in a good way. Bruce Feldman is one of the best college football writers out there, and he keeps track of things well as he’s researching stories. Snippets and feats and various impressive metrics about players. That’s how he’s compiled this list of the FREAKIEST players in the sport.

Well, we know who #1 is gonna be without clicking, but let’s go ahead and run through the metrics for AggieSuperFreak:

The SEC's leader in sacks (12.5), tackles for loss (19.5) and forced fumbles (five) despite seeing an array of double teams,

Pretty good intro. Hard to imagine it could get much more impressive but

He told me this month he power cleans 440 pounds and bench-presses 485 — staggering when you consider he also has a 40-inch vertical and his fastest 40 time at A&M, he said, is 4.45. "If I could dip into the 4.3s, that’d be great," he told FOX Sports.

Most of us can’t really fathom the reality of these numbers but he can basically bench a 55-gallon drum of water or an adult tiger. Love the nonchalance about speed as well. "Meh, maybe tomorrow I’ll just go clock in at a speed that would be remarkable for someone 100 pounds lighter than me; we’ll see."

Garrett’s diet is pretty tight. "I just try to stay away from soda and try to stay away from candy and sweets," he said, adding that he thinks he can bulk up to 270.

Ah yes, to be 20 again with the added bonus of being in the top 1% of physical specimens on the planet. "I basically eat whatever except for the absolute garbage." Meanwhile, the rest of us frantically ration slices of turkey and raw broccoli for lunch just to maintain our current weight.

Garrett has more than lived up to his enormous recruiting hype. Listed at 6-5, 262, Garrett’s got the chiseled physique of a DB — a huge DB.

Hopefully we’re not forced to move one of our safeties to CB and put Myles at DB, but it’s good to know the option is there.