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Daily Bull 6.6.16: TCU Rematch

Revenge is a dish best served cold and with the victim bleeding from the eyes

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

^^^these are what prisoners wear on the moon in the future^^^

SUPER OK. Aggie Baseball is through to the Super Regionals to face...TCU because it's all rigged and the murky powers that be want us to face a big/little/whatever school etc. But let's not let that dampen a pretty dang good weekend wherein we scored 30 combined runs on ACC and B1G teams. But also let's not forget that we lost to them last year in the 16th inning. Stay mad, baseballers.

"When you are laboring for others let it be with the same zeal as if it were for yourself. "--Confucius
Texas A&M has signed something known in certain football circles as a "Tight End" as of this weekend. Kenyel McZeal will bring a new level of excitement to a position previously reserved for eventual transfers or JuCo all-stars hoping for a chance to score one touchdown on the big stage over the span of two seasons.

OH LOOK WE'RE RECRUITING THE ANGSTY TWEEN SIGGY FROM THE 1991 COMEDY FILM "WHAT ABOUT BOB". Seriously. This is a 2020 recruit. Let the kid play some high school ball first. Why is this a thing? Stop reading this right now. Thanks.

GET OVER IT STOP LIVIN' IN THE PAST. With spring meetings come  the eternal "what-ifs". This article is MAD ONLINE about a block that happened last year. Man, these dudes need to just forget about it.

/cues up one-billionth vine loop of Auburn's horsecollar on Manziel from 2013, makes snarky online comment

D-DAY. Today's a big day in history. Here's an interesting read on "Hobart's Funnies", some of the bizarre-looking tanks that helped the Allies take Normandy.