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Daily Bull 6.28.16: #SECBasketballFever and a new Texas A&M QB

Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again
--The Who

SEC Basketball Tournament - Championship Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

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CATCH THAT FEVER Y’ALL. If you’re reading this link dump at 9 a.m. on a June Tuesday, odds are you’ve already contracted #SECBasketballFever at one point or another. But this sucker’s about to go viral. The league has brought on college hoops guru Mike Tranghese to serve as a special adviser to the SEC Commish and #enhance the overall #brand of the sport after paltry NCAA Tourney representation of late. To wit: the SEC had more first-round draft picks (5) in the 2016 NBA Draft than teams with a tourney bid (3).

SPEAKING OF HOOPS SINCE WE’VE ALREADY BEGUN. The Summer Olympics are just a few weeks around the corner. What a glorious time: you can flip on the telly at 3 a.m. and catch some archery or rowing. Watch the world’s strongest and fastest humans make you feel even more inadequate. Jump onto social media to find out which events are worthy of having your prestigious "man-card" revoked for watching. Aggie basketball legend DeAndre Jordan will be repping for Team USA. GIGEM AND BRING HOME A MEDAL.

OK FINE WE’LL TALK ABOUT THE FOOTBALL QUARTERBACK POSITION. Big news last night: a very-heralded QB recruit "committed" to the Ags. Forgive us if we’re not going to completely breathe a sigh of relief until signing day. This is a great step back in the right direction (that direction being "have enough QBs on the roster to be competitive"). This isn’t to take anything away from Mond, who we’re sure is a great kid. But it’s a ludicrous system that is much prone to gloating, which is quite foolish and rash when you consider you’re pinning your bragging rights on someone who hasn’t even begun their senior year of high school. Let this be a warning to us all to never get carried away by a commitment story: