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Daily Bull 6.27.16: a Raptor is born

Dr. Alan Grant: [very worried] You bred raptors?

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YAH BUT WHAT’VE YOU DONT FOR ME LATELY? Do you know who ranks 3rd out of the 14 SEC head coaches in winning percentage against ranked competition? Who is the only other coach besides Les Miles and Nick Saban to have a record over .500 against top 25 foes despite an 0-3 record in 2015? If you guessed a name that rhymes with Blevin Stumblin, you’re correct. Yes, this is a huge year for him and his program. Make-or-break almost. But let’s not pretend that he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

LET’S CHECK IN ON THE RAPTOR PADDOCK SHALL WE. Jalen Jones has been picked up by Toronto, making him the second Aggie roundballer from this past year’s squad to sign with an NBA team. Give ‘em hell, big man. Canada is basically like College Station North: tons of friendly people who are really proud of their bland food.

"TREVOR KNIGHT YOU THROW SO GOOD" [as hummed by Peyton Manning while flipping through film]. The Aggies’ #1 gunslinger had nothing but praise for the preeminent QB family following his third stint as a Manning Passing Academy counselor. This dude is re-writing the book on "how to do things right" in an off-season. He only needs "rescue old lady from burning building" and "bring Waffle House to College Station" left open on his sainthood BINGO card. But seriously...can’t wait to see a calm, seasoned veteran leading the offense in a few months.


Gardening tips from Mike Leach. Have a prosperous Monday.