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Daily Bull 6.21.16: Down By The River

Be on my side,
I'll be on your side,
There is no reason
for you to hide
--Neil Young, Down By The River

Christian Kirk

Displaying ccc-july4.jpg

Displaying ccc-july4.jpg

Things are simpler in college. Compartmentalized. And when you’re throwing everything you’ve got into achieving your goal, be it athletics, maximum student involvement, or simply graduating, it’s easy, advisable, and absolutely necessary to cut loose once in a while.

Where do Texas kids go to do this? Where they’ve always gone: to the lake or the river.

Look at that. There are two transfer quarterbacks there hanging out with a couple of current quarterbacks and other Aggie football players. Team leaders like Conner McQueen and Armani Watts. They’re seemingly interacting in a mature and rational manner: in other words they are getting along despite all the turmoil we constantly hear about surrounding transfers. They’ve put the past behind them and are holding no grudges: perhaps because better than anyone else they understand the reasons behind the transfers, or perhaps it’s just out of simple football player solidarity.

Either way, the middle-aged blowhards on social media claiming the moral high ground sneering down their noses at 20 year-old-kids who decide to go play football at another school could stand to learn a thing or two from these players. In the end it’s just a sport being played by kids who like to cut out once in a while and go to the river to swim and drink beer. The world still revolved around its axis the following day and it didn’t impact your life in one single noticeable way.

Happy Summer. Go down to the lake or river next time you get a chance.