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Daily Bull 5.24.16: It's okay to change your mind

Cowboys ain't easy to love and they're harder to hold.
They'd rather give you a song than diamonds or gold.
--Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson

in the dark recesses of his mind he knew his kind was fading from the prairies forever oh god the sadness
in the dark recesses of his mind he knew his kind was fading from the prairies forever oh god the sadness
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

A MAN'S WORD IS HIS BOND EXCEPT WHEN IT ISN'T AND WAIT THESE ARE JUST KIDS SO IT'S OK, THIS INDIGNATION IS EXHAUSTING. Coach Sumlin, fresh off losing the most social media prolific recruit of the modern age mere weeks ago, is on a bit of a recruiting uptick. Following this weekend's pickup of seven-foot QB Connor Blumrick, there were a couple new additions to the trenches yesterday: JuCo DT Rafu Matileo and 6'5", 310-lb tackle Adrian Wolford from the 2017 class. Now, Wolford had been an Oklahoma State commit but decided to change his mind because perhaps making such a big decision a year before it is legally binding (as opposed to just being a tweet) doesn't take into account other factors, other offers, where you might fit in best, coaching changes, and various other life developments that occur across the entire spectrum of college football and will directly affect the outcome of your life. It's okay when they switch to the good guys. Welcome, Adrian. You've passed the first hurdle: Aggie Twitter. The rest is downhill. Just don't switch to another school and we will love you forever.

HOLA BASQUETBOL. The crootin' firestorm isn't confined to Kyle Field. Billy Kennedy picked up another bigtime player last night in Eric Vila, who comes to us from Spain.

BEISBOLL TOURNEY. The SEC bracket kicks tees starts off today. The Ags play the winner of the very first game tomorrow (Vandy vs. Mizzou at 9:30 a.m. today). Here's the full TV slate/bracket for now.

FRANKNSTYLE. Coaches work their asses off. And any coach who stays at one school for the majority of his career, building it and shaping it from nothing into a perennial top-flight team has put in untold hours and sweat and tears and has earned a delicious retirement. That's why it's so nice to see a dude like Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech just doing whatever the hell he wants and enjoying it immensely, like getting a pedicure while sippin' on a milkshake. You go, Coach Beamer.

Enjoy your Tuesday with the swag and style of Beamerball.