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The Daily Bull survives the NFL Draft

We have poor measurables and don't care.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

PEARLS BEFORE SWINE: Aggie Baseball notched another SEC series victory, this time with a 2-1 weekend edge on a trip to Fayetteville. The fellas get a break this week with no midweek game, but play host to #7 Vanderbilt starting Thursday. Only three more weeks in the regular season, and all three SEC opponents are ranked in the top 12. NO PRESSURE.

PRETTY GOOD LITTLE WEEKEND. Three Aggies got drafted over the weekend and another half-dozen signed with NFL teams as free agents. Best of luck to all the fellas.

Y'all, the Draft is weird. And it also makes you realize just how big a world college football really is. Here are some very notable SEC players who didn't get drafted. Maybe they have tiny hands or didn't impress at workouts with their #measurables. Either way, we know that many of these guys can play football, and play it pretty well. Cassanova McKinzy. De'Runnya Wilson. Denver Kirkland. We've heard their names for three or four years. And some of these guys will go on to have stellar careers. But that won't stop NFL owners from passing on them in favor of something flashier based on mottled scouting reports compiled by people who don't watch much college football. It's a funny disconnect and one that shows no sign of abating as long as the scouting "industry" maintains its self-important demeanor and smug dismissiveness. That's not to say there aren't loads of deserving players from smaller schools who are plenty talented enough to get drafted. It just seems like the first and most important question when evaluating a player should be "can he play football?" Some of the best players don't measure well.

This pointless and meandering rant brought to you by MONDAYS. Hooray MONDAYS.