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The Daily Bull finds a way: plant chaos, QB chaos, and coaches on Tinder

See, here I'm now sitting by myself, uh, er, talking to myself. That's, that's chaos theory.

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Life...finds a way. LATE is just an acronym for Let's Always Tolerate Eccentricity so this is what it is. Enjoy it all if you can.

GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS. Well guess what it's HUMP DAY. Something else something something TINDER JOKE HERE and ohh hello there offseason.

IN THE GAME OF PLANT YOU GROW OR YOU DIE. The year 2016. War was upon us. The WAR OF THE PLANTS and only Texas A&M Researchers stood between the organisms and pathogens:

In mid-battle, both aggressor, the pathogen, and the defending plant undergo dynamic changes to improve their chances of victory.

Yes, that was still all about plants. Violence begets violets IMHO.

WELL THE ANSWER IS "SORT OF BETTER THAN OK, MAYBE, DEFINITELY NOT THE WORST, WE HOPE". The question is how are all the SEC West QB situations shaping up with regards to the Ags. There's Chad Kelly, then a big tangle of flailing arms hurling crisp slant route passes that are often tipped and intercepted and hey is it still April? It's still April.

Happy Wednesday, we hope you enjoyed this DB.