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The Daily Bull appreciates Von Miller's wardrobe

Gold watch, diamond ring,
I ain't missin' not a single thing. -- ZZ Top


OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN THE FIELD OF...EXCELLENCE. Congrats to Kyle Field for being nominated for "an international award" that has something to do with leading sports facilities in the world. It's up for two, actually: "venue of the year" and "new venue." GUESS THOSE DOLTS ON THE PANEL DIDN'T TEST THE WIFI NETWORK AT CAPACITY HUH. Building Champions indeed.

SPRING TAEK. Well, here's a fresh new angle on things. We're used to hearing about everything that went right during spring football, what about all the stuff that went wrong? There's something we can sink our teeth into and lodge in the back of our mouth for future hand-wringing and disdain. Get a five-month head start on your jaded pessimism by identifying all the glaring problems exposed by a couple dozen vague practice reports and one televised scrimmage. Disclaimer: I didn't read all of it but I went ahead and made my own list of what went wrong this spring:

1. it's not real football just a bunch of practice

ATL DREAMZ. 'Grats! Aggie WBB star Courtney Walker was drafted in the first round of the WNBA by the Atlanta Dream.

Hopefully she can stay true to the real Aggie Atlanta Dream: to dine in each of the city's 8,000 Waffle Houses.

FASHION IS KING. Hey, man! That suit is YOU!

"The NFL's Most Fashionable Team" My WHOLE team

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