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Trevor Knight: what it means for Texas A&M to have a senior QB

For the first time in a long time, Texas A&M will have a senior at the helm.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Late yesterday, Kevin Sumlin named Oklahoma transfer Trevor Knight the Texas A&M starting quarterback. This is a huge move for the program, as it allows the coaching staff and team to avoid the typical summer circus that surrounds a QB controversy. It also speaks to Sumlin's confidence in both Knight and Hubenak. He knows they're each able to handle their respective assignments with maturity.


For the first time since 2013, we know who our starting quarterback is in April. Johnny Manziel was the last Aggie to have the position wrapped up after a spring practice. It's not quite uncharted territory, but it sure does seem like it's been longer than three years.

For the first time since 2011, Texas A&M will have a senior running the offense. Ryan Tannehill was the last Aggie senior QB. Hopefully 2016 won't end up being a string of crushing second-half collapses. On the other hand, that offensive line.

Why is having a senior important? Well, look back over the past few years. There has been some brilliant QB play but also some mystifying play born of inexperience, youthful exuberance, misjudged abilities, lack of confidence, or any other number of untested jitters. Not to say that Knight will be perfect just because he's a senior. But he'll be ready. When's the last time you looked at a QB leading the Texas A&M team and thought "he's ready for anything"? Probably not in the past couple of seasons at the very least.

BUT WHAT ABOUT JAKE HUBENAK I HEARD HE WAS GONNA TRANSFER TO TROY STATE OR SOMETHING. No. Shut up. Hubenak is an adult and will enjoy competing against a very good player while making himself better.

WHO IS THIS TREVOR KNIGHT GUY HE CAME FROM THE BIG 12 WHATEVER IS HE SEC READY? First of all, what a hackneyed phrase. Second of all, I doubt many people are actually questioning Knight's abilities, but in case you were, just go back and scope this Sugar Bowl performance.

SO SHOULD I BE HAPPY AND OPTIMISTIC ABOUT THE 2016 SEASON? Yes, unless you just revel in misery. Trevor Knight is a more than capable driver who's been given the keys to a still-very-powerful (if recently neglected) machine. He's not going to have many Manziel highlights, but what the offense needs more than even that at this point in time is a steady hand and an even keel. Knight gives us both of those with very little drama, and Hubenak still has two more seasons to play. It's April, and everything's already looking great.