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Aggie friends share stories about Von Miller's rise to greatness

Recently the Super Bowl MVP sat down with three childhood pals and fellow Aggies (Damontre Moore, Cyrus Gray, and Tony Jerrod-Eddie) to swap stories about growing up and playing football together in DeSoto, Texas.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Players' Tribune ran a story today with the simple title "Nerd." It's a wonderful look at the early football life of Super Bowl MVP and Texas Aggie Von Miller as told through a unique and refreshing outlet: his friends. Von, Tony, Damontre, and Cyrus all grew up around the same time in or near DeSoto, TX, and now all four are in the NFL. We find out several things you won't read about elsewhere, from Von's true level of nerdiness to the respect all four had for his parents rules.

I got it bad. I got called every name you can think of.

But the thing about football is, it’s not the playground. If you call me four-eyes on the playground, you can laugh in my face and I can’t touch you without getting detention. On a Texas football field, I could run your ass over.

Cyrus Gray / Denver Broncos:
Those glasses were not regulation thickness. They were super-super thick. But then in the sunlight, the lenses would change from clear to purple. They shape-shifted into shades. You had some Star Trekglasses, bruh.

Oh man. That was Mr. Miller’s move. That was the classic. He didn’t even have to say anything. He’d hit you with the side-eye. He was the Godfather.

You don’t mess with Mr. Miller, man. Tell them about the alarm.

A Brief History of Me Being a Nerd | By Von Miller