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The Daily Bull wonders who does what in this state

We each devise our means of escape from the intolerable.

-William Styron

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

7-5 NOW THAT'S MORE LIKE IT AMIRITE AGGIE SPROTS. Were you secretly and awkwardly uncomfortable with Aggie Basketball's wild and unexpected successes? Did it feel like something was expected of you that was beyond your grasp: a sense of confidence and assuredness and graceful dignity in victory? Well, rest easy because that fever dream is over. The men's hoops squad has now dropped five conference games in a row including this weekend's in Baton Rouge in their very sudden and fiery return to the warm embrace of Earth's atmosphere. You may return to your comfort zones of disappointment, hopelessness, and clamoring for everyone to be fired.

Or you could bring in the secret weapon.

WHO READS THIS STUFF #. If you have several hours to kill and want to know what a bunch of SB Nation writers from Texas schools think about college football in our fine state, pop on over to Frogs O' War for this extensive Q&A. No really, it was a monumental endeavor they took on and there is some good stuff in there if you filter out the nonsense from Chuck and myself. #WeRefusedTakeSeriously #WeRespondedTerriblySuccinctly #WatchRiceTrulyShine


Hey where's the State of Louisiana spendin' all those monies? Ryan Nanni has the answer, as always.

SCIENCE! Von Miller appeared on SNL and he was the best SNL ever don't listen to your parents it wasn't funny back then just like it won't be funny when you decide it's not funny and it was definitely funny because Von Miller.

RBI that stands for Resourceful Bunting Importance. Aggie Beisbol tees off the 2016 season this week. Bubbles and what not.