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The Daily Bull welcomes February

What would you do if you were stuck in one place and every day was exactly the same, and nothing that you did mattered?
Phil Connors

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

BY JOVE IT'S FEBRUARY. The season of love. Winter's final embrace. A time for jilting on a massive scale where dreams are crushed under the whims of high school boys. Stick with us for your signing day fix and in the meantime head over to the SB Nation 'crooting zone if you need to catch up.

OF FIVE STARS AND FORTUNE. Kate H from the DMN takes a snapshot of Kevin Sumin's recruiting success in his four years here, and how it has translated on the field. Read to the end for the list of five-star recruits dating back to 2012 and all we can say is hey the ones who are still here are mostly pretty good.

OH WOW THIS IS STILL A THING. Yesterday was the NFL Pro Bowl, which used to be an exciting way to cap of the football year but now it is something called "Rice vs. Irvin" and the box score reads something like a 7-on-7 recruiting camp. The moral here is that you can claw and scrap your way up from an obscure tiny college and work ten times harder than everyone else and still lose by three touchdowns to a coke-fueled dude from Da U. Congrats to that one team for picking off the other team six times oh and also our own Michael Bennett registered a tackle so it wasn't a complete loss. Best of the best.

[INSERT CONFERENCE CHANT HERE] ESPN's got the big winners and losers from this past weekend's SEC/Big 12 Challenge. The Ags made the most of their opportunity against a very good team, but that was only one of three SEC wins on Saturday. No matter. This thing's turning into a pretty dang good college basketball outing.

A word on Anger. Anger is helpful sometimes. Cathartic. Anger is a palpable current for us to channel things beyond our control. Anger is a relief to us, although it is rarely a useful tool for anyone else. We are all angry about the situation at Baylor. Any time an institution not only fails to protect those who need protection, but ignores those who have been damaged, a fundamental human shortcoming has been exposed. It's valid and rational to want to let that anger be known. But that anger should come from a human place, not a rivalry place. What is worst of all, worse even than not speaking up with your anger, is to use that institutional failure to disrespect the victims by taking a moral high ground on behalf of another institution. Because this kind of fallibility has the potential to occur anywhere. Yes, any beloved institution. In the end, anger is like any other power: you must use it responsibly.