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The Daily Bull salutes everybody's All-American

Drew Kaser: SB Nation All-American honorable mention

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

DON'T FORGET THE USUAL SUSPECTS. The hoops team that's routinely in the top ten takes on #23 Mizzou tonight to open up a tough conference stretch. Coach Blair's squad actually climbed in the polls following the nail-biting road loss to #2 South Carolina, which is a whole other mystifying dimension to basketball that makes it so interesting. The game's on SECN+ or you could get crazy and go out to Reed if that's an option. Get Rowdy, you'll appreciate it later in life.

YOU KEEP PINCHING YOURSELF BUT YOU AIN'T DREAMING. We can't get enough of this Aggie MBB team. Part of it is definitely the great team chemistry, the disciplined play, and the best conference start in decades, obviously. But part of it also seeing the vision of a dedicated coach finally come to fruition. College Athletics is a volatile and ruthless atmosphere, rampant with towering expectations and the desire for more and more rapid gratification so it's good to see that sticking with a guy has reaped some benefits that are great for everyone and OH GOD FIRE DR CAMACHO OR BURN HIM HE'S A WITCH

OK FOLKS THIS IS THE ONLY ALL-AMERICAN TEAM THAT MATTERS. SB Nation dropped our college football all-stars yesterday, and it's the only one containing such prestigious pollsters. And also we vote after the season's completely done, which is kind of nice. Myles Garrett was a solid second-team finisher, and Drew Kaser got some love, no little thanks to the diligent efforts of this website over the years. My gif submission was not the winner, but it's a niche audience and overall I think this thing's pretty faultless and perfect and without room for debate, except for this: Drew Kaser has been the most dynamic punter in Aggie history: those numbers don't lie. We'll miss him next year.