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The Daily Bull looks forward to the Aggie Football spring game

You know my name but who are you? Just another American who saw too many movies as a child? Another orphan of a bankrupt culture who thinks he's John Wayne? Rambo? Marshal Dillon?

Hans Gruber, Die Hard

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CCC Cold Weather

SWEET FIFTEEN. Folks, this is uncharted territory for this relatively young website but both the men and the women are ranked in the top 15, and we're a couple months into bouncyfouls season. We're timidly watching this mystifying and fast-paced sport as players sling an orange sphere up and down a court that looks like some pretty nice pergo, to be honest. We're also not afraid to relinquish all hope at any point, as football has conditioned us for midseason collapses. But by god we'll have fun with it in the meantime. Coach Blair & WBB host Ole Miss tonight before hitting the road to face #2 South Carolina on Sunday. Coach Kennedy and crew travel to Athens on Saturday. Eyes on a swivel around here for some great updates from the hoops guys.

ONE MORE MILESTONE IN THIS DESERT. Texas A&M Football is back in the spring football game business following a two-season hiatus during Kyle Field renovation. The market's become quite saturated since our last show featured a fiery Johnny Manziel and a mic'd-up Kevin Sumlin, so I'd expect this version to air on ESPNU with a RevCam and exclusive play breakdown by Houston Nutt's cousin. Tickets will theoretically run you $12 per quarter and the halftime entertainment will be a John Sharp standup routine with Gallagher-style props while the band marches in shapes all around his tiny stage. Spring games are largely an exercise in fluff, and rarely do they give any meaningful insight into what's going to unfold out on the field five months later. But you know what? They can be a lot of fun if you choose to make them so. You get to watch a version of Aggie Football at Kyle Field one extra time in the middle of the year, and that's pretty nice. Sure, it's watered-down football, but a half-ration is probably about all we can handle in April. Enjoy it.

YOU WANT CROOTIN' UPDATES? You got 'em. Check in with oscarwildecat as he runs down the list of top recruits and what sort of things they're saying on social media about Texas A&M University. Remember: don't tweet at recruits, not even once.


RIP, Alan Rickman. You were a bad-ass bad guy. Hans Gruber. The Sheriff of Nottingham. You were tabbed to play complex historic figures like Rasputin and Eamon de Valera. You even voiced a robot, a fish, and royalty in an episode of King of the Hill.

Then there is Elliot Marston, the British rancher ruling his own outback fiefdom in Australia in Quigley Down Under. He was evil, underhanded, evil, a bully, evil, cheating, conniving, evil and also very very evil. Yet he had that usual Rickman flair about him that made the film immeasurably better with his presence.