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Daily Bull 9.7.15: Room for Cautious Overreaction

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

2015 Sideline Shoes now available!

"They're T-Stars for your feet" - @jimmygards

BIG 12? MOAR LIKE BIG [expletive redacted] RIGHT AHHHRGGHHLL. "Hey guys, we don't know what the big deal is; it's just the Starship Enterprise no that's totally a spaceship for real." Turns out a marching band shaped like a body part is the quickest way to get kicked out of the Big 12 Conference. That's all it took, and we had the FTAB at our disposal all those years, smdh.

LISTEN TO THE MAN. Turns out Chief has been touting the Hall/Garrett duo this whole off-season and it only took a monumental performance on primetime TV for all of us to get on board. Get some stock tips from this man. Buy some scratch-offs on days his mustache is curled at a certain angle. Use his wardrobe selection to schedule your crop watering for an optimal yield at harvest time.

Hey we were good on defense the other night but let's tap the brakes a little bit. The Eagle is excited about Saturday's performance, but I mean come on, throwing out an intro like this is just begging for a loss to Vandy or something.

In case you’re wondering, the national championship will be played at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Talk about possible destiny, A&M started the season with a 38-17 victory over Arizona State.

No, don't talk about possible destiny. Talk about what a coach says when you tell him to talk about stuff in a presser.

WE SHOULD TOTALLY KNOW BETTER WE KNOW BUT BILL C. IS SAYING IT'S OKAY. If last year's South Carolina game taught us anything, it's that we should temper our expectations, but damnation this is college football, and there's no room for rational behavior. It's okay to overreact in our case because we looked really damn good on defense.

Have a great Labor Day everyone, and travel safe if you're on the roadways.