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VIDEO: Postgame Interviews with Kevin Sumlin, Tra Carson, and Myles Garrett

The head coach and the offensive and defensive leaders spoke with the media following the 38-17 victory over #15 Arizona State.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Here are a few clips from Texas A&M Athletics. If you're wondering why there were no interviews with Christian Kirk or Kyler Murray, remember that Coach Sumlin does not allow freshmen to speak with the media during the season.

Myles Garrett and Tra Carson (On-Field)


  • Myles Garrett: "it's about respect"
  • Tra Carson: Larry Jackson's conditioning got him ready to shoulder the load when James White was injured
  • Tra can't wait to get back to Kyle Field

Kevin Sumlin (Press Conference)


  • Knew Chavis would have an immediate effect on defensive performance
  • "If you learn anything from last year, you learn that this victory doesn't mean much of anything yet"
  • Three-phase game: defense solid the whole game, offense did what they needed to at the end, special teams were outstanding

Myles Garrett and Tra Carson (Press Conference)


  • Myles: On 14 tackles for loss and 9 sacks: "Coach Chavis put us in position to make plays and we executed well."
  • Myles: "There was no place for us to go but up."
  • Tra: ASU gave a lot of funky looks on defense; offense did a good job of sticking to the run to get tough yards.