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Daily Bull 9.28.15: SEC West Roundup

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

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What a weekend. While we were watching HOGAGEDDON, sweating bullets, and mainlining heart meds, the rest of the division was also beginning to sort itself out and gain a bit of definition.

Saturday's opponent Mississippi State is back in the top 25 after a 17-9 road win at Auburn. Dak Prescott did just enough as the Bulldogs sat back and allowed the flames of Auburn's 2015 season to stoke themselves even further. This sort of gentle caning might look about as intimidating as Steve Urkel doing the Haka but remember this scoring output is up over 500% from the 2008 game.

LSU found itself playing a hangover game indoors on the east coast in the 11AM local time slot, and it's difficult to imagine a more fish-out-of-water scenario apart from Les Miles starring in a buddy cop movie with Jesse Palmer where they're trying to save Paul Finebaum from being abducted by cheerful, zany aliens who worship skinny bald men. Actually, that doesn't sound too far-fetched once you think about it [files into off-season SEC Network pitch folder]. Anyway, as long as Leonard Fournette is suiting up and teleporting all over the field it doesn't really matter what else LSU trots out on offense. The Tigers are back in the top 10 and you won't see a long line of folks eagerly waiting to take on their ground attack.

Speaking of hangover games, Ole Miss had a spot of bother with Vanderbilt, who apparently has a defense. Beating Alabama on the road and losing to Vandy the next week is something your slightly-older sibling's Ole Miss team would've done. Like probably one from 2-3 years ago. But not this one. As long as they have a quarterback who doesn't fold like pre-creased origami at the first sign of adversity, a good defense, and a freakish defensive lineman they can hand off to inside the five, they'll be a tough draw.

Three things Alabama faced heading into Saturday's football game: 1) rumors that Lane Kiffin was suddenly the male Heidi Fleiss of Tuscaloosa, seducing prominent Tide belles and sullying the fine name of Alabama Football, 2) their opponent had the unfortunate history of being the same pesky Sun Belt team that beat the Tide in Tuscaloosa in Saban's first year, and 3) they were coming off a loss so they were already muddling around grouchily in unfamiliar territory. The result was the sort of methodical, lackluster strangulation that only a pissed-off Nick Saban can orchestrate. A 34-0 slow suffocation where he doles out punishment one chip at a time: medium chunks of yards, the occasional pass to the tight end, six and seven-minute TD drives punctuated by stifling defensive stops. Maybe an occasional low-percentage experiment on third down so he can get his kicker some practice too. Sorry, Warhawks. You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So that's it: everyone's played at least one conference game. Enjoy the show.