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Texas A&M vs. Arkansas: Guess the Score

Enter your prediction for the final score to win bragging rights to an Internet game.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We've got two days until the showdown in Jerryworld, so it's time for wild predictions about the game. Will BERT sweat through his crushed velvet tracksuit ten minutes into pregame warmups? Will Sumlin pick up a four-star RB recruit at halftime? Will Kyle Allen throw for 500 yards in the first half like science tells us he will? The answer to all of these is a resounding "YES" because it's Thursday, and time for optimism to run rampant. And now you can chip in with your own two cents on the outcome of the game. We've got a new toy courtesy of SB Nation, so sharpen those slide rules and iron those graphing calculators or whatever it is you do nowadays.

This is not serious business; just for shits and grins, because football is fun. It'll keep a tally and a running average score prediction and will display the final results against it once the game's been played. Enjoy!

Guess the Score