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By The Numbers: Stats from Texas A&M's 44-27 Win over Nevada

A stroll through some of the numbers that jumped out after the jerky, stop-start early-kick win over the Wolf Pack.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

We won. We won by three scores and gave up more than we should have and looked flat and sloppy at times, but also we didn't struggle with an inferior opponent like #1 Ohio State or defending SEC East champ Mizzou. We got an average win, we got some good reps, and no one got injured. Overall, our first three non-conference outings have gone a lot better than some folks'. Like our next opponent. The team is more or less ready for SEC play. Let's do the digits.

-1. Turnover margin. Again. This not good. It's not good because we're in the negative after three games, two of them against non-P5 teams. We must do a better job of holding onto the ball, protecting it in the pocket, carrying it, and not throwing it to the other team. And all other versions of turnovers. The best way to give Arkansas a free turnaround game is to give them two bonus possessions with which to burn up clock and negate our scoring chances. Again, BAD. Stop turning it over. OK.

1. INT for Donovan Wilson. His first pick of the year was a fantastic play on the ball; a great takeaway. Wilson continues to be disruptive at that nickel position. He's already recorded two sacks and an interception. The last player we had who did that was Toney Hurd, Jr. and it took him all 13 games of his senior season. Wilson's done it in three.

2. Tackles for loss by true freshman DT Daylon Mack. Just...this:

3. Catches by Josh Reynolds. Two of them for touchdowns. That's three touchdowns on the year for the guy who broke the school record for TD receptions last season.

3.5. Sacks for Myles. FOR 20 YARDS IN LOSSES. He was enjoying himself out there. He finished with seven total tackles. That's 17 career sacks in his first 16 games.

4. TD passes by Kyle Allen. He looked great out there except for the times he didn't. There are still about two or three plays per game where he's forcing things a little too much or a bit too loose in the pocket, but you can't deny that he's confident. Once he cleans those up he'll be a nightmare for defenses.

5. Penalties on us, for 35 yards. For some reason it seemed like we had more, and that Harris had that many PIs called on his own, but this is not bad. Our penalties have been steadily declining each game so far, and we really haven't seen many sloppy procedural things this year.

6. Catches by Christian Kirk. He broke 100 yards for the second time in his first three games. Pretty good start for #3.

7. Tra Carson had seven touches that went for 9+ yards (eight runs and one catch). He's got the ability to get the tough yardage, but he's always looking for a little space to cut upfield and was salting away first downs when we needed them late in the second half. Solid day for the senior (apart from the fumble).

8/8. Kicks for Bertolet. 5 XP's and 3 FG's. Good to see that confidence building. Now if we can just keep all FG attempts under 40 yards we'll be fine.

16. Tackles for loss as a team, for 49 yards in losses. Nevada ran 74 plays. We stopped them for a loss on about 22% of their plays.

22. Totes for Tra Carson for 137 yards. This has got to be one of the most encouraging storylines of the season so far: we have a guy who can RUN THE DANG BALL. He's an every-down workhorse who is also a receiving threat.

25%. Nevada's 3rd down conversion rate (4/16). Ours wasn't a great deal better, but that's pretty good.

52.5. Punting average for Kaser. Also, glad to have Kaser back. Don't get hurt anymore please.

535. Total offensive yards. These totals have been sneaking up on us because the offense has not been as flashy as we're accustomed to.