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Daily Bull 9.14.15: Monday SEC Football Roundup

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

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PASS THE EARLY TIMES AROUND LET'S GO BOWLING. What's even more grab-assical and worthless than September polls? How about September bowl predictions. This is akin to taking your kid car shopping when they're about to start kindergarten. Stop worrying about finance options and insurance when all they want to do is throw crayons and run the dang ball all day. Also, there's a good chance that a few of these teams won't win six games this year ROLL TIDE pass the paste.

MEH. The Ags just missed out on a top ten spot in Spencer Hall's latest "Top Whatever." The criteria this week: teams that looked the least like Arkansas and aye-ooo

Texas A&M, though it did beat the MAC team it scheduled UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE in defeating Ball State, 56-23.

This is not a real ranking system and therefore is just as accurate as anything else.

ICYMI. Fresh off the Sunday night dispatch: X and O guru mattywatty lays out three things we learned from the Ball State game. Great stuff, and here's a couple more facts we learned:

  • The scoreboard goes over 27

  • The scoreboard goes over 12

It's Monday, it's game week, and we're taking on Nevada, who's led by former A&M assistant Brian Polian. The Wolfpack really didn't have a real good time at all on Saturday against #20 Arizona so I'd look for them to probably have some discipline about them this weekend.

Meantime, get jacked for your work week: