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Kyle Field Aggie Fine List

With great privilege comes great responsibility

Rahman Roslan/Getty Images

Yesterday news came out that the Virginia Tech football program has been fining their players for violations of team rules in an attempt to instill discipline. Texas A&M, inspired by this concept and eager to help pay off that Kyle Field renovation, has decided to adopt similar measures. In our case it will be the responsibility of the fans who do not uphold the stringent requirements asked of an observer of Aggie Football. Below is the Aggie Fan Fine List:

  • $100 for fans that boo
  • $50 for fans who leave during the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band's halftime performance
  • $60 for visiting fans of opposing team not sufficiently impressed by the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band
  • $25 for fans who do not "hump it" in a prompt and timely manner
  • $50 for cellphone usage surpassing 1 minute during active gameplay
  • $30 for bringing your own trough to pee in
  • $25 for negative Yelp reviews of Kyle Field Concessions
  • $40 for fans who are not classy
  • $25 for students wearing neon-colored t-shirts
  • $5 for jumping up and down to Sandstorm
  • $10 for not jumping up and down to Sandstorm
  • $3 for not participating in Aggies CAN
  • $30 for wearing overalls
  • $60 for wearing an overalls T-shirt
  • $75 for fans who leave the game early regardless of score
  • $35 for fans who hiss
  • $100 for smuggling in Coca-Cola products
  • $500 for GBH authors who apply for media credentials
  • $1000 for a fan who doesn't uncover
  • $12 fine for every student if the football team runs out of time.
  • $9.99 fine per month for fans who bitch on the internet

Did we leave any fines off? Help us write the rulebook here.