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Season 4 of Sumlin: Must-See TV

The newest season of Sumlin starts next weekend. What kind of plot twists can we expect?

Well it's the time of year when we're desperate for entertainment, football or otherwise, and that includes hackneyed "everything is something" pieces. We're not immune, we're only TV-loving humans. TV shows are usually pretty good by season 4: the characters have been well-established, they've overcome some adversity, and you just wonder what sort of antics they'll get up to next. Well here are some suggestions from a few of our favorite shows. We'll go ahead and work our way forward in chronological order.


by oscarwildecat


It’s an awkward number, somewhere in between the Heisman-winning glory of 2, and inherent aesthetic beauty of 7.

On one side, there are the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism, on the other, the unfulfilled promise of JaQuay Williams. In this hand, the four great elements of wind, water, earth and fire; in this hand sits Dwain Goynes, running a 4.2 40 straight into the back of his pulling right guard.

"Ubiquitous bifurcation dammit", as a kinesiology major once told me on the back porch of the Chicken.

Perhaps nowhere has this tension been as powerfully represented across society as in Season Four of ‘Friends’, the quintessential, nay superlative dance of the human experience across the cosmos.

And is anything more apt for Year Four of the Kevin Sumlin experience? Confusion heading into the New Year, wondering if Ross was greeting Bonnie or Rachel? Sounds a heck of a lot like the first half of the Liberty Bowl.

Chandler’s boss Joanna handcuffing him to his office chair? Well you know Les Miles attempted that to keep John Chavis away from College Station.

A love triangle involving Kathy and Joey? Jake Spavital is certainly hoping that his relationship with Kyle and Kyler ends on the same happy notes that take place when Chandler and Joey forgive one another and remain best friends after "The One With Chandler in a Box."

The parallels between Season 4 of Friends and A&M’s fourth year in the SEC are so overwhelming and obvious, it’s almost frightening. As the season draws to a close with the crew in England for Ross’ wedding (a clear nod to Jermaine Eluemunor), the difficulty in reaching the Playoffs (Rachel), appears temporarily derailed by the monumental, yet temporal weight that is the football season itself (Emily).

Fear not dear reader. ‘Friends’ finished 4th in the Nielsen ratings in 97-98, a year that happened to see the Aggies reach a BCS bowl in New Orleans.

Expect a Cotton Bowl trip – and a marriage to Rachel – on New Year’s Eve.


by cuppycup

The fourth season of The Wire sits among the best seasons of TV ever and that's what we're gonna do to 'em, Ags. Chavis and Spavital (Chris and Snoop) coldly dispose of opponents in vacant houses except for Kyle Field which is pretty full. The weapon of choice is Kyle Allen's arm (gunpowder-activated, .27 caliber, full auto, no kickback, nail-throwing mayhem, man).

Their leader, relative newcomer Sumlin (Marlo), takes control over powerful enemies including Les Miles (Omar) and Nick Saban (Prop Joe). The school systems and political aspects of college football remain a complete mess but no one really cares because of football (drugs).

In a cynical world (the SEC West), it's all about survival and despite wearing Adidas (an ugly lifestyle) the Aggies (Marlo's crew) own college football (Baltimore, the worst city in America) in 2015 (2006).


by Rush

Season 4 is about settling in: a new home, new surroundings, and a new mode of secrecy. It's about maintaining your mission within the restrictions of these new confines. Win at home, and dispatch that Dark Passenger, Sumlin.

It's also about uncovering the truth behind the one nemesis who seems nearly impossible to defeat: The Trinity Killer.


The Trinity Killer is the only foe worthy of our hero. He's elusive and unimaginably crafty. He is gangly and awkward and given to fervent outbursts. He has never been caught and does not wish to fall into the hands of his pursuer.

In the end, this is the season that will see the end of the nemesis, but at what price? like so many SEC seasons, this one inevitably ends in a pool of tears and blood in southern Florida. But at least we got him.


by Chuck