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All-19th Century Aggie Team

Some dashing names on this doozy of a roster.

His dandy posture made Inglebert Huffhines a swell Left Right Backsman
His dandy posture made Inglebert Huffhines a swell Left Right Backsman
Fordham University/Getty Images

Recently, the FWAA released their 75-year All-America Football Team. There were a slew of great names on there, including some classic players. (Tony Franklin of Texas A&M made the squad as the 3rd-team kicker!) We decided to dig deep and put together the all-time Texas Aggie Footballing Squadron from the Fightin' 1800s.


Dink Rattleman, Split End

Mortimer "Morty-Ho" Copperblack, Nose Guardsman

Angus MacDrugen, Left Wing Back Right

Ashleigh Flynn, Right Tacklesmith

Gustavius Brennelman, Left Near Tacklesmith

Topper Donaldson, Penceback

Corky Hopplefield, Signalman

Beauregard Garvin Wampleton, Jr., Fleeceback

Henry Bigglesworth, Center End

Oboe Jones, Jazzback

Santa Anna, Battleback

Taco Hidalgo,  Wing Taint

Willie Fats, Swordout


Bloomenfeld von Hornbuckle, Linebaron

Eugenio Horacio Beltran "The Spaniard" del Fiorentissimo, End End

Tripp Hollowsworth, Strong Side Roustabout

Rowdy "Hoop" Hooper, Cowboyback

Jim Bob "Cowboy" Candleman, Rowdyback

Chubby Dimplesmith, Anchorman

Felix Hanratty, Fieldback

Clayton Kyle Heldenfels III, Back-o'th'-Fivedown

Billy Shark Manziel, Safety

Scooter O'Corps, Witch Hunter/Corps Shamer

Spindletop B. Spewington, Dirtgobbler


Chas Smith-Worthington Bruce, Squibsman

"Gumshoe" Donald Ronaldson, Aerial Fielder

Plank Vanlandingham, Leg Thrower

Costwold Freidricksen, Chief Kicksman