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Daily Bull 8.18.15: Talk About Practice

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

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Not a game.


The Aggies had their first two-a-days yesterday and of course it was different than back in your day when you would practice 14 hours a day in the 119 degree heat breaking rocks with your forehead and then have to dig muddy water out of a sandy arroyo bed during your one brief 5-minute rest break. By all accounts things are going quite well at practice, as they pretty much always do in the magical month of August leading up to football season.

Here are some bits of information:

"Armani’s probably playing as good as he’s played," Sumlin said. "If he can be more consistent this year than he was last year, he could be an all-league type of player. He’s played enough big games for us and he understands his weaknesses. I think he’s really worked hard in the offseason because he’s had some really, really great games, [and] he’s had some duds and that experience I think has helped him in the offseason try to develop not only physically but mentally [on] what he needs to do to be successful."

Having Watts move to strong safety is encouraging. We know he's got good coverage ability, and tackling is something that will improve as he gets a second year of strength and conditioning (and Chief coaching) under his belt. Not to say we shouldn't worry about the dreaded phrase that rhymes with "steel clout" but still, it's August, so let's allow ourselves a bit of hope, shall we?

Also playing well Saturday were freshman linebackers Richard Moore, Justin Dunning and Riley Garner, who played at A&M Consolidated.

This is extremely good news. Not just that we've got three more LBs who are healthy and playing, but to see that Riley Garner is out there is pretty cool. A year ago, we weren't even sure he'd be able to return to football, but now it seems as though he's going to be a contributor on special teams and a solid backup.

"Kyle got snaps early with Kyler working with the [second unit]," Sumlin said. "Then about halfway through, Kyler went with the [first unit] and Jake went with the [second- and third-teamers].

Kevin Sumlin will not tell you anything about QBs. Or he will tell you a complete fiction. He will talk about QBs for an hour without actually saying anything. He will devise a formation with McQueen under center, Murray at tailback, Allen at H-back, and Hubenak at flanker. Then he will run a dive play out of it just to spite you. You could stop asking him about QBs, but then we'd have even fewer speculation opportunities. College football starts in 16 days.


Aggie trick video sensations Dude Perfect rang the closing bell at NASDAQ to help celebrate YouTube's 10th anniversary in one of the least likely sentences to ever grace a DB. They threw a football off a 37th floor balcony, bounced it off the head of a depressed Cookie Monster in Times Square, straight into the prop gong being held by Hans-Ole Jochumsen, NASDAQ's President of Global Trading & Market Services (sounds like a TexAgs fan tbh), who immediately chest-bumped the nearest cameraman.