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Daily Bull 8.17.15: Rogue Texans

Drew Anthony Smith/Getty Images

2015 Sideline Shoes now available!

Hope y'all had a hell of a weekend. Only a couple more Mondays to roll through now.

WHY WE TALKIN BOUT THE GAP I THOUGHT WE WORKED WITH ADIDAS WHAT. Brent Z gives us a glimpse of the 2015 running back situation and what to look forward to with new OL coach Dave Christensen's run-gap blocking scheme that allows for more physicality up front. One thing not being mentioned is our metaphysicality. If there is no gap, is it up to us to create a gap or has the gap already been eliminated?

EUROHOOPS. The Aggie Men continued their tour of the continent with a win in Italy, by trouncing the Latina All-Stars by a score of 103-69. When we were bandying about name ideas for this website "Latina All-Stars" was on the short list in the hopes we'd get a lot of accidental traffic.

OHHH HOHOHO SUMLIN WE HOPE IT WAS TO THE SHORT SIDE OF THE FIELD. Either Spavital and the O are bored and really interested in throwing in wrinkles, or they're trolling the hell outta everyone by running the option in practice. Probably a little of both.

IF YOU'RE INTO THAT KIND OF THING. Here's some uniform taeks for all the crazy new clothes in college football.

BEST WISHES, JW. Bad news out of Arkansas: senior RB Jonathan Williams may miss the entire season with an ankle injury. All BERT jokes aside, he's built a monster of a running game and Williams is a key component of that beast. We hate to see this happen, and wish him a speedy recovery and medical shirt if necessary so he gets that second shot at a senior year.

WELL TOAST MY PECANS AND CALL ME SANDY. This kind of slipped past us, but 2015 will be the first year in program history that the Aggies will not play a single team from the State of Texas. And there's currently no Texan schools on any future schedules either. Regional rivalries are kinda nice, but at the same time we hadn't even really  noticed, and it's sure not dampening the excitement around 2015.