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Daily Bull 8.10.15: Let's Baylor

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

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Happy Monday, ladies & gents. It's hot, it's drudgery, and all sorts of people are trying to make believe that it's already football season in some form or another. Take a couple deep breaths and just relax. We'll slog through these last few slow weeks of August in fine fashion.

NOW LET'S GET SUPER JACKED ABOUT THE FOOTBALL TEAM'S LATEST MOVEMENTS. The Ags reported to campus yesterday, where apparently the first detail to get sorted out was for everyone to get their helmets inflated to the appropriate air levels for optimum focus potential. I'm basing this reaction on the picture only in an attempt to channel Facebook in order to better understand their world.

Now...let's have a bit of fun. Do the Baylor fans you know annoy you? Has their recent few years of success gone straight to their heads, bypassing the lobes of the brain that harbor reason and memory? Well, this piece certainly won't help matters any. A Waco Tribune writer named Mitch is now telling them that Baylor would be a "big success in the SEC."

Reaction GIFs are welcome in the comments.