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Daily Bull 8.1.15: How's our scheduling?

There is wisdom in madness and strong probability of truth in all accusations, for people are complete and everybody is capable of everything
--Joseph Heller

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RANK EVVVVRYTHING! Dallabama legend and well-coiffed SECN host Greg McElroy took time out of his rigorous Golden Tee regimen to rank the SEC's top signal callers. Let me go ahead and spoil it for y'all:

  • PROS: he's got Kyle Allen at #5, at least Greg didn't pick an LSU QB
  • CONS: Kyle's behind a guy who hands the ball off 88% of the time and a guy who wasn't even a starter last year

Here's where I would drag and drop the graphics if I were paid handsomely to do this on TV:

1) Dak Prescott. He's the most clear-cut dean of QBs of any conference this year. He's the man with the plan. He can make even Dan Mullen seem interesting for a year or two.

2-14) ???

I don't object (LISTEN TO HOW SERIOUSLY I'M TAKING MYSELF) to Josh Dobbs at #2 because he energized Tennessee last year and got them bowling again. But I think Kyle's a comfortable #3 in this little game because of what he did at Auburn and in the Liberty Bowl. I also think that this opinion matters as little as Greg's. This is August. End indignant transmission.

CALL IT A COMEBACK. AggieFBLife's counting down the top moments of 2014, and well this one is more like four hours than just a moment but whatever, we'll take it. More importantly, it inspired a large coach to dance beautifully. This is why man created music, y'all, and if you can't let this rhythm infect your soul then you are following the wrong sport:



AS AN ASIDE. I know many of us rant on here about how bland and soulless the neutral site games in NFL stadiums are. But listening to Sumlin at Coach's Night recently reminded me why we do it. He told it from the perspective of a high school recruit, and you have to admit that having the opportunity to see the Ags play a ranked team at either or both of the pro stadiums in Texas in one season is pretty damn appealing for a kid. Still, two in one year is a bit of an overkill and I'd love to play in Fayetteville, so let's just do a non-con showdown against a P5 team once a year whenever that Arkansas deal with Jerry expires I'mma hang up and lissen.

Speaking of scheduling..EDSBS has assembled the schedule that will get everyone off your case by playing everyone who is good: THE SHUT UP SCHEDULE. Get after it, Notre Dame. I used to do this all the time in NCAA 2004 it's not that hard come on.