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Daily Bull 7.8.15

college football watchlists are getting out of hand
college football watchlists are getting out of hand
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

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AWARDS LISTS EVERYWHERE. You get a watchlist. And you get a watchlist. And... It's preseason season season again which means a whole bunch of college football lists. Of course Kyle Allen's at the top of his, but we've got a couple more sophomores cracking some lists and we're only just now getting started.

Yo dawg, CBS put a watch list in your watch list. Here's a full list of lists if you like lists, 'cause we heard you like lists. Coming up today: Mackey Award and Rimington Trophy. Mike Matthews is probably going to be on the latter again, but I'm guessing we won't see any entries on the Mackey because what the hell's a tight end? Tomorrow is Groza and Ray Guy so expect the universe to implode if a certain punter who shall go unnamed (rhymes with "Brew Laser" hint hint) gets snubbed by the sporting press yet again.

CRAZY AT LAST. Erstwhile "conference whisperer" and #GBHTailgate regular Chip Brown hatched another realignment scenario yesterday, and as Team Speed Kills so thoughtfully and  meticulously explains, it is utterly and completely batshit insane. See? It's not just us. Everyone picks on him.

GOOD LUCK, AJJ. Avery Johnson, Jr. will be transferring to Alabama, where he can play for his father. Avery Johnson was named head coach for the Tide following the 2015 season. His son will have to sit out a year, but still have three years of eligibility remaining after that. Best of luck to both Johnsons.