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Daily Bull 7.6.15

I'm back in the saddle again / I'm back

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Howdy, gang. You're getting an early Bull today because I'm going to be groping my way around my desk trying to remember how to do my job this morning. Seven weeks off was a hell of a respite, and mostly for the better. It wasn't all fun and games, however. I accomplished the following:

  • removal of thickened heart muscle
  • cool new scars
  • lost about 10 lbs
  • can walk a mile without falling over from exhaustion
  • several dozens of hours of Netflix (George Gently is a hell of a chap)
  • wrote and delivered a eulogy for a great man
  • etc.

This may have been the most expedient waste of 2 months of off-season I've experienced to date, but thankfully it's a one-time shot. Now I'm ready to buckle in for the final 2 months of summer, help Chuck with whatever I can back here while he's at SECMD, brainstorm on #content, kick around new ideas, and be as foolish as possible on the Internet, which is what it's all about.

Right. Let's get on with it.

TOP FIVE AGS REPRESENT. Brandon Wheeland wrapped up his top 25 Ags from the footballing roster with numbers five through one the other day. The top four are the usual suspects but number five may come as a bit of a surprise, although it shouldn't. He's been a contributor since he got here and is showing off his versatility by changing positions as a senior. CAN YOU GUESS WHO IT IS OR WILL YOU HAVE TO CLICK THE LINK?

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS. The USWNT brought home the World Cup title last night, throttling Japan by a score of 5-2. They showed shades of the 2012 team in Tuscaloosa, jumping out by two scores in the first seven minutes and never looking back. Way to go, ladies.

BUT PAWWLLL WHAT NUMBER COMES AFTER 1? Could the Tide's 'crootin' streak stop rolling? The Mothership thinks possibly maybe why not? Here's a good look at where some of the competitors stand and who's got a shot at dethroning the #1 recruiting class champeeons in the next cycle. HINT: we're one of 'em.

Have a hell of a Monday, all!