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Daily Bull 7.27.15: Let's Visit Kyle Field.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

2015 Sideline Shoes now available!

These are the drones you're looking for. There's fresh drone footage of the upgrayedded Kyle Field out there. For this and more, don't forget to visit our Kyle Field Redevelopment hub for a walk down memory lane back to when all we had were fancy drawings and dreams as big as the sky.

WHOA tap the brakes a bit. My calendar still says 2015. Why are we previewing the 2016 Texas A&M-Alabama game already, folks? Yes, Kyle Allen and Myles Garrett will be juniors, but I see no mention of the new Social App Cellular Interference or Nick Saban Halo Rules that will be in place by 2016.

LET'S GET BETTER. Our pal Brandon is at it again in the DMN College Sports blog: five things we need to do to improve on the 2014 season. [reads list] well, the math definitely checks out. Hard to argue with anything on this list, especially the last one.

MORE FALLOUT DON'T GET HIT. It's nearing midnight. Clay Travis is comfortably ensconced in his mahogany and walnut-paneled law study (he is a lawyer you see) and his cheerleader wife has brought him a nightcap. Suddenly he realizes he has one more story to file in order to meet his weekend quota! Egads! he thinks, whatever shall I do? I know...realignment! I'll just comb through this article from the Omaha newspaper stating that five years ago a conglomerate of five Big 12 schools (A&M, Nebraska, OU, Iowa State and Kansas, yes you read that correctly don't worry your glasses are still working) put feelers out for the Big Ten and then play it up so it seems like OU was making power plays to piss off Texas and also scoff at the hypocrisy of Kansas based on the rumblings of a deal that looks as though it was drawn up by the Midwest version of Chip Brown. Big 12 hating is so in these days, he cackles to himself as he clicks "submit". Satisfied, exhausted, he sinks back into his recliner and rings his rhinestone-encrusted Wife Bell for another Brandy Alexander.

MISC.: DO WE LIKE THE INTERNET? Yes, we really do.