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Daily Bull 7.22.15

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Get your 2015 sideline coach's polo! Today through Friday buy one at regular price, get 20% off the second and 30% off the third.

YOU'RE AN ALL-STAR. Former Lady Aggie Hoopster All-American Kelsey Bone was named to the WNBA All-Star team yesterday. She's the second Ag to snag this honor in the past few years along with Danielle Adams in 2011. The All-Star game is on Saturday on ABC if you want to check it out (just looking out for you, APK).

The videography mage has struck again. If you want some nice and tidy YouTube clips of all of Sumlin's ESPN interviews yesterday, cuppycup has taken care of business. Go ahead and scope them all out here on the FanShot page, starting with PAWL and working your way down. Or just stop at PAWL. We won't judge.

S-E-C wait no that's not right A-C-C! NC State's football coach casually mentioned at ACC Media Days that the ACC has performed better than the SEC in the past two seasons. Harumph, you say? Well, don't throw out your shoulder making a dismissive hand gesture just yet. Read Ryan Nanni's detailed and nuanced investigation, complete with graphs. MAKES YOU THINK.

SHEEEEWWWT. "I tell ya I think we found a buncha 'Gators that FSU hates more than the Florida Gators. It's called the N-C-A-A Invest-i-Gators." ESPN has done something fun for once and created a Steve Spurrier highlight reel, so enjoy yourselves on this fine Wednesday morning.