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Daily Bull 7.21.15

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

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Happy Tuesday. I'll be your substitute until Chuck gets back on his feet from his whirlwind tour of Hoover. Maybe if you behave he'll draw you a graph upon his return.

Now how about this. Former Tennessee Vol running back, current Houston Texan, and noted Caillou critic Arian Foster has opted to pay for a Texas A&M International student's textbooks. It started out with the student just throwing out a request for textbook aid that he never thought would be taken seriously.

(The "hoes" in this instance represent the books.) It sort of just rolled on from there, with the two eventually exchanging emails. Good stuff all around.

BRING IT ON HOME. Aggie senior Courtney Williams earned herself a silver medal in the Pan-American games as part of the USA women's basketball squad. "What'd you do this summer break?" "Oh nothing much just WON A SILVER MEDAL." Gig 'Em and Go USA.

AT THE CAR WASH. Do you enjoy watching Kevin Sumlin glare down ESPN personalities only to smile at them an instant before their innards turn to jelly? Well today's your lucky day. He's going to be put through the proverbial ringer, as they string him through a slew of show appearances. cuppycup's got your full schedule nailed down here.