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Daily Bull 7.20.15

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

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YO DAWG WE HEART YOU LIKED WATCHLISTS. We made a watchlist for your watchlists. It's got all the Ags on all the lists in one handy place. And if you're surprised that Keke is already on the Lombardi watchlist, it's because he was a finalists for last year's high school version of the award. No pressure, young man.

You do you, Coach. KDS was the life of the Houston Coach's Night last night, and as per usual, he was slinging the golden soundbytes around. To wit:

* Sumlin said he "got into it a little bit" with a Seattle Seahawks fan at the Super Bowl "who didn’t recognize me, which was kind of cool" about which entity had the true 12th Man.
"I got to say what I wanted," Sumlin said of the fan not knowing who he was.

* Sumlin said his pitch to then-LSU defensive coordinator Chavis was, "Your defense is really good and we don’t score a lot against it."
A smiling Sumlin added, "I should have been more polished than that, but it worked."

* On Arizona State playing at NRG Stadium against A&M on Sept. 5 in the Texas Kickoff: "I’m sure Todd Graham will be real excited to come here. He’s the head coach at Arizona State, and we just snatched the two best players out of their state two years in a row (Kyle Allen and Christian Kirk).

Just remember: however ready you are for the offseason to be over, multiply it by a thousand and that's how he feels.

MOVIN ON DOWN THE LINE. 247 Sports gives us a pretty good breakdown of Julien Obioha's move inside to defensive tackle, what kind of things to expect, and other players who have made similar transitions. Worked out pretty well when Spencer Nealy did it in 2012.

BTHO Monday. Always.