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Daily Bull 7.15.15

Kyler Murray, Gatorade Player of the Year
Kyler Murray, Gatorade Player of the Year
John Cassillo

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Future All-Everything Kyler Murray added yet another trophy to his shelf last night, snagging Gatorade Player of the Year honors. Not sure why he wasn't wearing shades, 'cause his future's that bright. Well-done.

Day three is on us. The hotel lobbies and banquet halls are beginning to smell of stale carpet, Axe body spray, and various Chik-Fil-A sauces. Chuck is droning along like an automaton, spouting out eloquent turns of phrase like a slot machine to the masses. It's the process. We're almost through this. Stick with us.

Here's the main #SECMD15 hub if you've missed anything.

We're not the only ones watching the circus. The folks over at the ASU site are definitely paying attention and maybe a little riled up that the team's not already solely focusing on them eight weeks out. This is all gamesmanship, and both coaches have been there before, but we gotta talk about something.

Insurance: the best policy. Redshirt junior Germain Ifedi will be the second offensive lineman in as many years that the University will take out a loss-of-value policy on after doing so with Cedric Ogbuehi last year. Ogbuehi did get hurt but still went in the first round. However, there is an Oregon player with a similar policy who injured his knee and slipped to the seventh round. It will be interesting to follow his case to see if he is paid out.

GOOD BULL, 95. Media Days darling, four year starter, and petroleum engineer major Julien Obioha has been nominated for the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team. The nomination is a great honor, as it goes out to those who exemplify service to the community. The finalists will be selected in September.