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Daily Bull 7.13.15

"don't touch the hair"
"don't touch the hair"
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

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Hot dang. SEC MEDIA DAYS are upon us. 

Here's your complete schedule, including today's big brunch.

Some words on that: I know it's fun to joke around about GBH being there, ha ha, not real journalists, etc. But why not step back and take a look at the bigger picture? What's the real joke? Is it us, or is it the event that consists of hundreds of adults gathering for a week once a year to hobnob, socialize, and ask predictable boilerplate questions to coaches and players? We didn't create the hoopla, we just asked if we could show up and they decided to say "yes." Just remember that when you're bombarded with the frenzy of news blasts all week that when you boil it all away, college football is just a kid's game played by guys who just got out of high school. So if you like self-importance and serious business with your #SECMD15, there are certainly plenty of options, but if you appreciate a wry and bemused eye, then you've found your place. Chuck's just observing and live-tweeting his vacation.

Stick around and we'll bring you some good things. And none of the questions will ever start with "talk about...", we promise you that. Mainly because it's highly unlikely they'll ever let us ask a question. Have a good Monday.