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Aggies take over SEC Network

Saturday is all about Texas A&M on the SEC Network

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

STATUS REPORT: it's mid-July, SEC Media Days are just around the corner, and the SEC Network has been featuring each of the member schools over the past couple of weeks. Saturday is our day, and it's Aggie sports all day long. Here's your full schedule: (It's in Eastern Time because that's where the SEC Network originates and that's when the day begins. We'll have to deal with it. If you convert to Central it actually starts the night before, and...nevermind. Just subtract an hour. MATHS.)

12:00 AM #6 Texas vs. Texas A&M - 3/1/2006 (re-air) SEC Network
2:00 AM Auburn vs. Texas A&M - 1/1/1986 (re-air) SEC Network
5:00 AM Texas A&M vs. Florida - 11/10/2013 (re-air) SEC Network
7:00 AM SEC Men's & Women's Outdoor Track & Field Championships SEC Network
9:00 AM Texas A&M vs. Kentucky - 1/12/2013 (re-air) SEC Network
11:00 AM The Pulse SEC Network
1:00 PM Texas A&M vs. Alabama - 11/10/2012 (re-air) SEC Network
4:00 PM #9 Texas A&M vs. #7 Kentucky (Championship) - 3/10/2013 (re-air) SEC Network
6:00 PM Texas A&M Today SEC Network
8:00 PM Texas A&M vs. West Virginia - 12/29/2014 (re-air) SEC Network
11:00 PM Texas A&M Football SEC Network
11:30 PM 2015 SEC Men's Tennis Championship SEC Network

Great! Some cool stuff on there. Let's break down some of the classic games we'll be able to check out:

2006 A&M/Texas hoops: The Shot. Ah, yes. Perhaps the most iconic ending to any Aggie Basketball game. If you don't believe me, why has it been immortalized in this fine collection of anatomically questionable artwork? For real though, we don't care about it anymore so I'm not sure why it's on the SEC Network unless they were contractually obligated to include some men's basketball in which case sure, why not?

1986 Cotton Bowl: Wrecking Crew vs. Bo. I'm not too familiar with this game because it happened well before I started following Aggie Football, but a small child who grew up to become one of the Internet's most prolific GIF artists was in the stands. cuppy remembers:

I was very young but remember the traffic going to the game and getting in trouble for rolling the window down in our Buick. I liked the cussing in the yells. All of my football memories are probably false ones based on video clips I saw when I got older. I would later wear a Bo Knows shirt as a consolation for all the goal line stuffings.

Guess we'll just have to tune in to see what else happened.

2013 Women's Soccer Championship. Florida's no joke, y'all. This was a big win for the Ags. NO, this is CERTAINLY not an attempt to piggyback on the recent USA Women's World Cup championship game WHY would you suggest that?

Track and Field Championships. Lots of running. You think you like SEC SPEED? Prove it by watching this. Coach Henry is one of the best in the business and he's bringing tons of hardware back to College Station.

2013 Kentucky hoops. Remember that time Elston dropped 40 points at Rupp and we took down Kentucky at the beginning of conference play and we'd turned the corner and things were finally looking up and hey maybe even the NCAA tourney's not out of the question and....well, just enjoy the game. This is like picking your favorite five minutes of Darth Vader clips and watching them over and over without ever waiting around for the scene where he is exposed as a pale and wrinkled octogenarian and dies.

2012 Alabama.

Manziel Bama

Et cetera.

2013 WBB SECCG. Gary Blair and the crew get it done in year 1 and take down Kentucky to claim the conference title 75-67.

LIBERTY BOWWWWLL. What a fun game this was. This time you don't even have to take off work in the middle of the day to watch. The best part about watching this game is that you know that it's a springboard into 2015 and that we can completely ignore all of the defensive mistakes, right?

There it is, everyone. Pick and choose and talk about your favorite moments from those games right here. Enjoy the shows!