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Daily Bull 6.29.15

Jambalaya is pretty good IMO
Jambalaya is pretty good IMO
Cheryl Gerber/Getty Images

And a good Monday morning to you fine folks. Hope everybody is getting a short week this week to celebrate America and being one month closer to football season. Let's dig in.

GAZE INTO THE DISTANT CRYSTAL BALL OF NOVEMBER AND BEYOND. The DMN continues predicting football game outcomes for the entire 2015 season for all the teams in Texas as they close out November. Mr. Wheeland has gone against the grain and predicted a close win for Sumlin and the boys against LSU. I think the time is right as well. Victory is guaranteed. Proceed as planned.

DEAR IDIOTS: PLEASE STOP MAKING SHIT T-SHIRTS. SINCERELY, GBH AND OTHER TIRED AGGIES. Do you know what happens when Ag Swag goes too far? You get an article that consists of basically nothing but quotes from reviews. I didn't scroll down for the comments because Monday mornings are already depressing enough and also I am still recovering from heart surgery. All criticism of these t-shirts is well-deserved and no one should attempt to defend them in any way. Ever.

MORE FOOD BRACKETS? WHY NOT. If you're still depressed that chicken fingers were crowned the jewel of the B/CS foodie scene last spring, rumble on over to ATVS, where they've crowned their tailgating food champion. They may not know much about quarterback play or coach retention, but they do know good food, and know it well. Go get yourself some jambalaya today if you dare.